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Instagram Direct Messages FAQsUpdated 3 months ago

I still can't turn on Instagram Direct Messages. What should I do?

There's a number of reasons why you don't have access to Instagram Direct Messages, despite meeting the follower count requirements.

The error message falsely states that the account doesn't meet follower requirements.

If you have the right number of followers but see the message above, there are two reasons this may occur:

1. You haven't allowed access to DMs

To fix this, repeat step one in the installation guide, changing your privacy settings on Instagram. Once changed, you must click the Reconnect button in the bottom right of the screen which will remove the error.

2. You aren't using an Instagram Business account

Instagram doesn't currently allow connecting Instagram accounts that aren't Business accounts - you'll need to create an Instagram Business account to use this Integration.

The error message says I don't have the necessary permissions to access Instagram direct messages.

If you see two warnings, one on top of the page and one beside the Instagram Direct Message settings, then you need to update your permissions to use this feature. 

To do so, delete the Gorgias app from your Instagram settings, and then click the green Reconnect button in Gorgias.

The error message says you need to reconnect your integration to check for eligibility.

If you only see one warning with the text "Reconnect your integration to check your eligibility for the Instagram Messaging API", then you need to click the green button titled Reconnect below the Facebook channel settings options.

The Instagram Integration is blocked by a paywall.

If you see an orange paywall button titled Upgrade to the right of the Instagram Direct Message setting, then you're currently on an outdated plan and won't gain access to this integration.

To access Instagram Direct Messages, the Help Center, Voice, SMS, and more then you must upgrade from your deprecated plan to the current version of the same plan in your Billing & Usage settings.

Why do some of my messages say: "Media not available due to new privacy rules in Europe"?

Due to new privacy regulations, Instagram limits the ability to send media to and from EU countries. 

If either the Gorgias user or the customer is located in an EU country and they send a message containing a photo or video, the following error message may be displayed:This is a temporary policy by Facebook and full media capabilities will be accessible to EU users once this policy is revoked.

Why do some of my customers' replies open a brand new ticket in Gorgias instead of apending to the existing thread?

This happens when the customer gets back to you after more than 3 days. We do historical syncs though, the first time the customer reaches out via DMs into Gorgias, and sync all their past conversations that happened on the Instagram app into the first ticket.

DMs from one person go under the same thread. After setting a customer on one ticket, their next DM will open a brand new ticket with the same Instagram username but without customer data on the right. You'd have to merge the customer instead of setting them and only after that will the DMs all go into one thread.

We also advise waiting until the conversation is over before you set the customer on the ticket so everything stays in one same Ticket.

When I open a DM in Gorgias, will the customer see a Read receipt on their end?

No, opening an Instagram DM Ticket in Gorgias won't trigger a read receipt.

Can I like story mentions or Instagram DMs?

No, only comments.

Will Instagram DMs be shown at the top left of the nav bar like Chat and Messenger tickets?

Yes, Instagram DM ticket notifications will show up on the navigation bar - similar to Chat and Facebook Messenger tickets. You can distinguish between them by the channel icons.

Can Story Mentions be shown in Gorgias instead of having to click a link and view them in a separate tab?

Instagram API specifically prohibits us from rendering Stories inside the helpdesk. Once they open up the ability to render Stories in-app we'll consider building this feature depending on interest.

Will Instagram DM tickets be separated into Primary and General categories like in the Instagram app?

No, due to limitations in the Instagram DM API.

Can I initiate an Instagram DM conversation?

You can only reply to inbound messages using this Integration. If this is a feature that you'd like to have, submit your request via our public Product Roadmap.

You can send only one DM message in a thread until the customer replies to you - this is once again one of Meta's API limitations. In DM tickets that you've initiated (using IG directly), the customer needs to respond first so that your messages aren't perceived as Spam.

If you need to follow up with the customer with a second message, you'll need to do this using Instagram. When the customer replies, you'll be able to continue the correspondence via Gorgias, even by sending multiple subsequent messages.

How do I check if I've enabled Allow Access to Messages on Instagram?

In Instagram Business Messenger, go to Settings → Privacy → Messages and make sure your Allow Access to Messages setting is set to Active if it is not already.

Why I am getting this error when I try to send an Instagram DM?

This means that Instagram is detecting your reply/Macro as Spam, if you have a link in your response. To fix this, you'd need to turn the link into a hyperlinked word and try to send the message again. Should the error persist, please leave out the link entirely.
This comes from Meta's regulations on what they consider Spam and we can only influence it/work around it up to a certain extent.

Why am I getting blank DMs?

This means that the person who reached out deleted their message after they sent it. If you still see those messages on Instagram, it means that you've seen them before they were deleted, which is why they're still visible there.

In Gorgias, they automatically get retracted, no matter if you've seen them or not. The only channel left to respond in writing, in that case, is email or SMS (providing that you have the customer's contact information and that you're replying via Gorgias).

Can I send attachments via IG DMs?

Yes, but keep in mind that you can either send only an attachment without text, or text only without the attachment. If you have a Macro containing both an image and text, for example, it won't be sent.

Why am I getting an error when I try to merge IG DM tickets from the same customer?

It's not currently possible to merge Instagram DM tickets - please submit it as product feedback here.

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