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Link to your Help Center in your Shopify site menus and emailsUpdated 2 months ago

Your Help Center is only as effective as it is discoverable. By adding your Help Center to your Shopify store’s header, footer, and key email communications (like order confirmation emails), you can nudge your customers toward finding answers to their questions.

Use the steps in this article to promote your Help Center at key moments in your customer’s buying journey.

If you use a Shopify store, you can add and remove links and menus from your website’s header and footer in the Navigation page of your Shopify admin. Choose where on your store's theme you want the menus to show in your Theme settings.

  1. Open the Navigation page for your store in Shopify admin (Online Store > Navigation)
  2. Select a menu for your header or footer, then select + Add menu item
  3. Give your new menu item a name (we recommend Help Center, Help, or FAQ)
  4. Paste the link to your Help Center, then select Add
  5. Select Save menu to finish

Adding a new menu item in your Shopify store's navigation settings, linking to your help center

Add your Help Center to order confirmation emails

Customers may also have questions directly after making a purchase. Consider adding a link to your Help Center and FAQs in your store’s order confirmation emails. That way you can funnel questions about order tracking and returns to a self-serve solution.

 Note: these steps require some basic HTML editing skills

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Select Customer Notifications, then choose Order confirmation
  3. Select Edit code
  4. Edit the HTML of your email to add a link to your Help Center or FAQs

For example, if your email template says in the footer “If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]...”, considering adding to the code:

1<p>...or visit our <a href="myHelpCenter.com"> Help Center for common FAQs.</a></p>

Selecting the Edit Code button to change the default text in your Shopify store's Order Confirmation email

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