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Help Center 101

With the Gorgias native Help Center, you can set up articles and FAQ pages on your website sorted into categories for your customers to browse. This is a great way to address common questions that your customers have.

Create a Help Center, Article, or Category

We'll go through how to set up a Help Center, create an article, and create a category and subcategory to put your articles in. 1. Navigate to Settings → Channels -> Help Center -> Articles. 2. Click on Create Help Center in the upper right. 3. Enter

Help Center templates

We're providing six general templates in your helpdesk that can get your Help Center assembled and organized quickly - just make sure you review them and add specific data related to your business before publishing them. You can download some layout

Use Google Analytics with your Help Center

You can use your own Google Universal Analytics ID or Google Analytics 4 ID directly within your Help Center without adding any script - you simply need to get your ID and paste it into the appropriate field and we'll start sending the data to your G

Help Center font library

Changing the primary font changes the Help Center page design and can also affect the text of the article if the text doesn't have a font-family set from the article editor. It's possible to remove the font using the Clear Formatting buttonin the tex

Help Center tracking

If you were ever wondering how you can track your Gorgias help center searches, here's a neat workaround! In the meantime, we are working on our native tracking within the helpdesk UI.How it worksYou can track your help center searches by using a tra

Set up an internal knowledge base

You can create an internal FAQ page for your colleagues to refer to whenever they need information on some of your internal processes and procedures - based on SEO, it's a question of preventing your Help Center from being indexed by search engines.

Create a Help Center Contact Form

You can set up a Contact Form on your Help Center and manage all submissions directly in the helpdesk as Email tickets. The subject lines can be customized - add more, change their titles, and rearrange their order. For the Contact Form to generate a

Import Help Center from Zendesk, HelpDocs, Re:amaze, and Intercom

You can import your Help Center articles and categories from Zendesk, HelpDocs, Re:amaze, and Intercom into Gorgias. All articles and categories will be imported, but we won't import the appearance or any custom scripts you set up. Gorgias has 3 stat

Import articles from a CSV file

Articles can be written and formatted in a CSV file and uploaded to your Help Center. This makes auditing, updating, and managing Help Center content quick and easy. Download CSV. If you're creating a Help Center for the first time, we recommend usin

Contact methods in the Help Center

You can add contact cards for Email/Contact Form, Chat, and Phone support and enable the Chat widget on your Help Center page. The description next to these is customizable. 1. Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Help Center -> your Help Center -> Co

Help Center Order Management

With Order Management, your customer can choose to receive a one-time password (6-digit verification code) via email or SMS to log in by inputting the code in the Order Management portal. There, they can check their Order Status, Tracking Number, and

Embed Help Center

You can embed the Help Center directly into your website which will help provide a seamless experience for your customers and keep it visually consistent. One Help Center can be auto-embedded to only one store, but you can easily duplicate Help Cente

Learnings from Help Center reporting

Having an informative Help Center greatly improves customer experience and contributes to time and cost savings. It enables shoppers to find consistent information on your products and services 24/7 and helps build trust and brand recognition - it ca

AI-Generated Help Center Articles

Creating a comprehensive Help Center can only take a few minutes with AI-generated article suggestions. AI studies interactions in your Helpdesk and suggests articles to answer your customers' most frequent questions, based on real ticket data. This

AI Library

A strong and reliable brand is also built through a well-maintained Help Center. AI Library can help you overcome writer's blockage and save you a significant amount of time with producing new articles. All that you would have to do is review the sug

Link to your Help Center in your Shopify site menus and emails

Your Help Center is only as effective as it is discoverable. By adding your Help Center to your Shopify store’s header, footer, and key email communications, you can nudge your customers toward finding answers to their questions.