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Help center - Setup

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our native Help Center integration! Now available to all non-legacy customers. 🎉How it worksWith the Gorgias native help center, you can set up an FAQ page on your website containing articles and guides sorted i

Help center - Templates

Below you'll find simple templates to organise your help center categories based on industry. View the sample help center to see how these categories appear. Download the csv templates then upload these into your Gorgias help center to get started qu

How to use Google Analytics with your help center

Thanks to this new functionality, you can use your own Google Universal Analytics ID or Google Analytics 4 ID directly within your help center without adding any script!. You simply need to get your ID and copy-paste it in the appropriate field, such

Help center - Font Library

How it worksWelcome to the Gorgias font library. We are trying to improve our font library and provide you with as many fonts as possible in order for you to find the right font for your Help Center in your language and alphabet.We have more than 130

Advanced help center customization

Under the 'Customization' tab, you now have the possibility to customize your help center using HTML code. However, you may first want to check out this guide on how to set up some basic customization. 👍You can follow this documentation to get starte

Help Center - Article recommendations in Chat

Your shoppers can now get their questions answered by getting articles from your help center recommended on chat! 💬. Available only for merchants who have the automation add-on enabled, have at least one help center integration enabled with publishe

Help Center - Internal

Having a public FAQs page that your customers can visit for more information about your products is always super useful and all, but what about your coveted internal knowledge? We got you covered, as always!. Here's how you can create an internal FAQ

Help center - Contact Form

We now offer you the possibility to set up a contact form on your help center for your customers who couldn't find an answer via the FAQs. In this guide, you will learn:. All contact form submissions can be managed directly in the Gorgias help desk a