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Set up a custom domain for Click TrackingUpdated 2 months ago

Once Gorgias Convert is enabled for the account, whenever we insert links or product cards into a Chat campaign or helpdesk conversation, Gorgias tracks three UTM parameters to track the effectiveness of each campaign - source, medium, and campaign

These are masked by shortlinks that start with link.gorgias.win - the Click Tracking feature lets you have your own URL for your campaign shortlinks matching your brand (like link.brand-name.com instead of the one we provide you by default like link.gorgias.win).

We can only set up one domain for click tracking - if you have multiple brands, you can choose one domain to use for all your brands, or opt to use the Gorgias shortlink instead.


1. Go to Settings → Convert -> Click Tracking.

2. Open a new tab in your web browser and log in to the account that you have with your Domain Provider (GoDaddy, Domain.com, OVH, etc.) and find your DNS settings - they're usually under the domain management section.

3. Create a new CNAME record or update the record you already have for your existing Help Center URL (like help) so that it points to clients.gorgias.win.

If you've purchased your domain from Shopify, follow their instructions to access your Shopify DNS settings.

4. Go back to the Gorgias helpdesk tab, enter the same custom domain (like link.brand-name.com), and click on Add Domain. You'll see the loader with Connection in progress - it may take up to 48h for all the changes to take effect. 

You can use the Check Status button below to see if the changes are live and, once you see the status update to Connected, the Custom Domain setup is completed.
Once connected, customers will start to see link.brand-name.com when they hover over any tracked links you send them. When clicked, this custom domain will appear for a split second before redirecting to the long-form link with UTM parameters.

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