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Gorgias Convert 101

Convert is a part of Gorgias Marketing Suite, and it allows ecommerce brands to go above and beyond CX and launch onsite campaigns to increase website conversion rate. By subscribing, you can access Advanced Campaigns to help you turn website visitor

Set up Convert

Check out our video and the steps below to set up Gorgias Convert on your account. 1. Navigate to Convert → your Chat integration -> Installation. 2. Once you're on the Installation page, choose the appropriate connection method:. 3. Click Install. 4

Set up a custom domain for Click Tracking

Once Gorgias Convert is enabled for the account, whenever we insert links or product cards into a Chat campaign or helpdesk conversation, Gorgias tracks three UTM parameters to track the effectiveness of each campaign - source, medium, and campaign.

Create a Convert Campaign

To create a Convert Campaign, you'll first need to add Chat and set up Convert for each of your Shopify stores that you want to display campaigns on. We also recommend you set up your domain for click tracking so the links you provide in your campaig

Convert triggers glossary

Here you'll find a list of all the Campaign triggers available to Convert subscribers. We'll explain what each of them does, but you can also use Campaign templates. We also recommend checking out how some of the other merchants that use Gorgias Conv

Convert Campaigns templates

We're providing twelve general templates that can help you set up your Convert Campaigns so you can increase your conversion rate right away!. Before publishing them, make sure you add specific links and products that you want to promote. By default,

Convert Campaign troubleshooting guide

This article outlines steps to troubleshoot why your Convert Campaigns show no impressions or no data on the Convert report. Let's first check if the issue lies in report filters or Campaign settings. Ensure you've selected the correct store in the f

Create winning Convert campaigns

Convert is a tool for e-commerce brands trying to optimize their website's performance, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates, boost average order value, raise awareness, and ultimately drive more sales. Below are some best practices to consider

Unique Shopify discount codes in Campaigns

The best way to prevent misuse and track the success of your Campaign discount codes is to create unique codes with a limited expiration date. You can generate unique Shopify codes directly in Gorgias and use them in your Convert Campaigns to initiat