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SignaturesUpdated 2 months ago

An email signature is a block of text appended to the end of an email message which often contains the sender's name and contact information. An email signature often contains a name, business contact information, email address a website URL, etc.

Email signatures in Gorgias are set for each email integration. In other words, each email address that you connect will have their own signature setup. You can choose where you would like to have your full name, agent's job title, logo image, phone number, etc.

If you have a signatures in your macro and in your email integration they will both be applied in your email reply.

HTML is not available in our signatures.

Signatures can include the following:

  • Agent variables
  • Rich text formatting (Bold, Italics, Underline)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Emojis
  • Shopify product links

You'll find these at the bottom of the signature editor.

Agent variables

Agent variables allow you to place dynamic information in a signature. Variables pull information directly from the agents profile.

For example, if you want all signatures to include the first name of the agent responding, insert the Current agent first name variable. This will change depending on which agent is responding to the ticket.

Set up an email signature


  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click Email in the channels section

  3. Click the email address you wish to change the signature for
  4. Edit the signature
  5. Click Save changes

Collapsed signature in tickets

By default signatures are collapsed in tickets, to make it clean for agents. To show/edit the signature in a ticket click the expand icon.

Resizing images

To resize the image in a signature simply click and drag the image border.

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