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Email Integrations

How it worksA significant portion of your communication with your customers is most likely done via email. Email is so huge it has about 4 billion users worldwide. Gorgias recognizes that and has a first-class integration with major email providers s


This article will guide you through all types of Gmail integrations.How it worksDepending on the type of your Gmail address, you will want to follow one of the two methods to integrate:DirectGmail (standalone)ForwardingGmail (alias)Gmail (group)Setup


This guide will help you integrate all types of Outlook integrations with Gorgias.How it worksThere are two different integration methods that you can use to integrate Outlook:DirectMicrosoft 365 (standalone)ForwardingOutlook (standalone)Outlook (ali


How it worksAn email signature is a block of text appended to the end of an email message which often contains the sender's name and contact information. An email signature often contains a name, business contact information, email address a website

Email - SPF & DKIM

SPF and DKIM are the main sources used for setting up domain verification for email forwarding integrations. You might also want to use it for Gmail as fallback, or if “Enable sending emails with Gmail” is disabled, and Outlook fallback too if you no

Other Email Providers

This article will help you integrate an email address hosted by a different provider than Gmail or Outlook/Microsoft.How it worksYou can set up an email integration with Gorgias from any provider that allows third-party forwarding.There are 3 steps t