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SupportUpdated 4 months ago

You can also check our Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) here.

We strive to provide maximum customer support and currently provide it through Email and Chat 24/7 - you can reach out to our Support team using the Chat widget in the bottom right corner of your Gorgias helpdesk or Help Center, or by emailing us at [email protected].

Dedicated teams like the Billing, Integrations, and Level 2 teams that can help with your subscription and certain advanced troubleshooting are only available on weekdays.

We only provide support in English but can use a translating tool if you'd prefer a different language - just please keep in mind that some info might be lost in the translation, especially if it concerns specifically named features or buttons.

Every scheduled maintenance is to be announced 72 hours before deploying on our status page and announced beforehand via a banner at the top of your helpdesk. All updates will also be shown on our X account.

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