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Transfer the callUpdated 2 months ago

With Call Transfer between users, agents can escalate live calls to supervisors or teammates when specialized assistance is needed. This enhances the efficiency of your support operations and improves customer satisfaction.

The transfer button is located in the call bar. Once clicked on, it will show the list of users the call can be transferred to.

Shoppers are automatically put on hold and muted during transfers, with hold music playing to provide a smooth experience.

If the call is being recorded, the shopper's speech during this time won't be recorded, but the agent's will. The agent needs to turn off the recording or mute the microphone to not have their speech be included in the recording.

The initiating agent stays on the call until the next agent accepts the transfer, ensuring a seamless handover. Once the transfer is accepted by the other agent, the call will end for the initiating agent.

If the next agent does not pick up, the call will resume with the initiating agent, preventing any disruption for the shopper. 

If you want to transfer the call to a user before answering it, you can simply assign the ticket to that user in the top right corner. However, please note that if that user doesn't answer it, the call will not be returned to the initiating agent. Instead, it will time out, or go to voicemail (if it's set up). The reassignment will be visible in ticket events.

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