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Unique Shopify discount codes in CampaignsUpdated 2 months ago

The best way to prevent misuse and track the success of your Campaign discount codes is to create unique codes with a limited expiration date. You can generate unique Shopify codes directly in Gorgias and use them in your Convert Campaigns to initiate hard-to-miss opportunities for your customers.

When the Campaign appears, it will allow the shopper to get their own code. They will have to click on the Reveal Your Own Code button to see it. After that, they can easily copy it and use it for their purchase within the next 48 hours. The code will have a name customized by you, followed by an identifier unique for that customer.

With unique discount codes, you can make your offers more enticing and relevant to individual shoppers. They also generate a sense of urgency due to their 48-hour expiration, which motivates customers to act quickly. At the same time, it serves as a safeguard against codes being shared on discount-sharing platforms, as they are not static.

Unique codes can be used to target high-cart value customers, reward loyal customers, or persuade shoppers who still haven’t made any purchase after multiple visits.

You can manage the codes through your Shopify discount code interface, by tracking active codes and those already used by shoppers.


1. Go to Convert -> your chat integration -> Campaigns

2. Click on one of Create Campaign buttons in the upper right corner or edit one of your existing Campaigns

3. Set up the basics and the audience by selecting appropriate triggers.

4. Write your Campaign message

5. In the same section, click on the Discount code generator icon

6. If you have multiple stores, select the one you're creating the code for

7. Go to on Unique Codes Offer tab and then click Add button

8. Set the frame for the code and who should it be applicable to.
9. Click the Save button

10. Select the code to add it to the Campaign.

11. Click on Create Campaign button.

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