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Voice Agent ReportUpdated 5 months ago

Voice Agent report provides comparative data on the individual performance of agents who communicate with customers via phone. In addition to Voice Overview report, analyzing metrics from this report helps you identify opportunities for enhancement of service and optimize the workload.


This report can be filtered by agents (teams), integrations, and tags. The default timeframe is 7 days, but you can change it in the top right corner.

Right now you can only filter dates from November 20th, 2023 onwards.

  • Total calls: sum of all unique calls, both inbound and outbound, no matter if they were missed or declined
  • Answered: sum of all inbound calls that were answered by the agent
  • Missed: number of inbound calls that were not answered by the agent either because they timed out, got declined, or got canceled by the caller before the agent was able to accept the call
  • Declined: number of calls that were manually declined or timed out
  • Outbound: sum of all outbound calls placed over the filtered period
  • Average Talk Time: total time agent spent talking to customers divided by the number of calls; this includes both inbound and outbound calls
In broadcast ringing mode, when the call is answered by one of the agents, it will be noted as a missed call for all other agents that it rang to - agents in the team that were available at the time of the call.

Average row

Average row displays the average value of metrics for selected agents. All metrics, except for Average Talk Time are calculated by adding up all the values in each column and dividing the sum by the number of selected agents.

Average talk time is calculated by adding up total time spent on calls by selected agents and dividing it by the total number of calls selected agents had during the filtered timeframe.

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