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Your profileUpdated 2 months ago

Each Gorgias user has a section specific to them titled Your profile. This section is where variables for current agent and agent will pull data. These variables are used in macros and in the email signature setup by the admin of the account. The name and images here are also what will show when you are using the Gorgias chat integration.

Profile settings

Your profile includes information about your as an agent and a number of settings. These are:

Personal information

Your nameYour full name. This can be used in Macros as a variable, in Chat, statistics and in the helpdesk in general.
Your emailYour email address. This is the email you use to log in as a user. This is can also be used in Macros as a variable, in Chat, statistics and the helpdesk in general.
Your bioYour bio or role. This can be used in Macros as a variable.
TimezoneYour timezone. This setting controls the timezone for you as a user and affects time/date in the helpdesk and statistics (statistics are shown in the users timezone). Please note dates are always displayed in US format.
LanguageYour language. This controls how default text is displayed in the helpdesk.
Avatar (picture)Your avatar image. This will be displayed in the helpdesk and, depending on your Chat settings, in Chat and in your help center.

My macro preferences

Macro predictionWhen the system predicts that you would use a certain type of macro on the ticket that you're replying to, this option will pre-fill your typing field with the relevant macro automatically.
Display macro search view by defaultThis option will open up the macros panel automatically every time you open a ticket.
Macro suggestionsThis feature will display the top 3 suggested macros for the specific ticket that you're about to reply to based on our own machine learning powered recommendation engine.

Forward calls to an external number

Enable call forwardingThis setting controls Phone behaviour. When enabled, calls routed to you in the helpdesk will be forwarded to an external landline or mobile.

Access your profile

There are two ways you can access your profile - via the user menu or via settings page.

Steps - via user menu

  1. Click on the user menu (bottom left hand corner)
  2. Click Your profile

Steps - via settings page

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Your profile in the You section

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