How to export tickets?

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You can export all the tickets that are on your helpdesk into a CSV.

Each row of the file will contain information about the ticket, including the tags, the related satisfaction survey and other useful information.

Here is the full list of fields that are currently included:

  • Ticket id
  • Tags
  • Initial channel
  • Last used integration name
  • Last used integration type
  • Created by an agent
  • Subject
  • Creation date
  • Closed date
  • Survey score
  • Survey replied date
  • Assignee name
  • Assignee email
  • Customer email
  • Customer name
  • Customer last Shopify order
  • First response time
  • Resolution time
  • Number of agent messages
  • Number of customer messages

Each export can contain up to 1 million tickets. If you attempt to run an export on a view that contains more tickets, it will automatically stop at that limit.

We will sort the tickets in the same order as the view from which you started it.

Once the export is ready, you will receive an email containing a link to the generated file. The CSV will be downloadable during the next 14 days. 

Our system usually takes 1 hour to export up to 100 000 tickets. So for 1 Million tickets, the export can last up to 10 hours.

If you have any more question about this feature, please contact us at

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