What happens to chat messages that aren't seen by customers?

Updated 3 hours ago by Chloe Kesler

When your agents are communicating with customers via chat, sometimes the customers leave before seeing the last messages sent by the agent. In those cases, your agents might have to wait for the customer to come back to the chat to see any important messages before continuing the conversation. Or, they might reach out themselves to the customer via email to let them know that there are unseen messages in the chat. Both of these options eat up your agents' valuable time

Gorgias solves this problem by automatically notifying customers of any unseen chat messages. If your customer has an email address in the system and hasn't seen the last chat messages from the agent in more than one hour, they will automatically receive an email with the new messages, as well as the full conversation history. They can then reply to the email to continue the conversation in the same ticket, or jump back on the chat. 

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