Auto-assign tickets

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Using rules and teams, you can auto-assign tickets to available users. In the following example, we auto-assign chat tickets to available users of one of our teams.

When the "auto-assign tickets" setting is enabled, unassigned tickets for selected channels will not appear in the "Chats" section of the dashboard.

The only tickets in the chat section inside the left sidebar will be the ones assigned to a logged-in user.
  1. Create your team and add members in it.
  2. Create a rule that assigns new tickets to your team. You can learn more about rules in our documentation.
  3. Enable the "auto-assign tickets" feature. This feature will auto-assign tickets that are assigned to a team, to an available agent of this team, as soon as an agent of the team is available.
    Also, you can enable feature "un-assign on reply". This feature will un-assign the tickets when there is a new reply in a ticket, if the user assigned to it is not available.
    Then, select channels on which the "auto-assign tickets" and "un-assign on reply" features should be applied.
  1. Tickets that are assigned to a team, but that are not assigned to a user yet, will be automatically and evenly assigned to available team members.

Team members are considered as available if they:

  • are online
  • set their status to "Available"
  • have less than 3 chat tickets assigned to them (channels "chat" or "facebook-messenger"), or less than 4 non-chat tickets assigned to them (all the others channels).

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