How to create a ticket?

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This video will walk you through managing and creating tickets in your help desk:

Familiarize yourself with the help desk's features with these tutorial videos!

What does "ticket" mean?

A ticket is a customer's request raised to seek help in resolving issues on services, products, quotes etc. The ticket could be raised by any support channel (email, chat, social media, SMS, etc) or opened by the agent on behalf of the customer.

If you need to reach out directly to your customers, you can email them directly from Gorgias by creating a ticket from scratch.

How to create a ticket?

To create a ticket, please follow steps bellow:

  1. Click on create ticket at the top right
  1. Create  ticket subject
  1. Enter email address(s) of recipient
  1. Select the email address you want to send your email from.
  1. Type your message or apply a macro
  1. Click on send.
Well done! 
Your customer will receive an email from you as if you had sent it from your inbox.
Please note that if you delete a ticket it will be moved to the trash view and will remain there even if the customer responds.
If you permanently delete the ticket from the trash view and the customer responds it will create a new ticket that will not contain the previous conversation thread.

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