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What are internal notes?

Internal notes are messages on tickets that are only visible to your team. You can use them to collaborate on a ticket and on a ticket, internal notes have a yellow background. 

Leaving an internal note on a ticket

  1. Click on the channel icon
  1. Select Leave an internal note
  1. Type the note and click send.
  1. This will add the note to the ticket. The note won't be visible to the customer.

How to mention someone

When you need the input of a colleague to respond to a ticket, add an internal note and mention your colleague on it. They will receive an email with the note when you send the message. 

  1. Type @ find your colleague on the list, and click on the name.
  1. Type the text and click send.
If you don't click on the name, the person you want to mention will not be mentioned!

Create internal notes by email!

You can now create an internal note inside the ticket by simply replying to the mention email notification:

  • ticket message history is now included in mention emails, so that you have more context
  • you can now reply directly to mention emails in your inbox, and it will create a new internal note in the helpdesk; no need to open Gorgias just to add a note!
  • you can forward the mention email to another agent, and if this one selects reply to all when answering, it will also create an internal note in the ticket

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can a new ticket be created with just an internal note?
    Not currently. A message to the customer will have to be sent in the newly created ticket, and only then can an internal note be added.
  2. How are internal notes reflecting the statistics?
    Internal notes are not included in the statistics like regular messages. They are not going toward tickets replied, messages sent, nor one touch tickets count!
  3. How can we track tickets with the internal notes?
    As of now, the internal notes cannot be included and filtered in the view. What you could definitely do here, is create a rule that would auto-tag tickets once the internal note is placed, and create a view that would filter the ticket by that specific tag. if you need further assistance with creating rules or views, please consult our docs pages. :)
    You can also filter tickets with a specific user mentioned in an internal note by auto-tagging them and even assign the ticket to that user.
  4. Are the internal notes included in the ticket thread once it is forwarded?
    No. Internal notes cannot be seen if the ticket is forwarded to another email address. It is only visible to existing Gorgias users once access the ticket.

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