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How Customer notes work?

Customer notes can now be added to all your Gorgias customers. They are internal and easy to manage. When you open the ticket, this widget is in the upper right corner, right below the customer's details.

Note field can be edited just by clicking on it and making changes. If you click anywhere out of this field, it will be saved.

Shopify - Gorgias synchronisation

Those notes are synchronised with your Shopify store (if you have one connected to your Gorgias account): editing a note in Shopify will synchronise it in Gorgias, and vice versa. Though, you can disable this behaviour in your integration’s detail page if you wish to do so.

Please keep in mind that if two people are editing a single customer's note at the same time in Shopify and Gorgias, the first one to save the data will overwrite the other one's modifications.

If a single Gorgias customer is associated with two or more Shopify customers on two or more Shopify stores, the note will not be synchronised from Shopify. Updating the Gorgias customer note won't update any Shopify note in this case.

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