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Customers 101

Your customers are presented as profiles with all their contact information and records of their contacts - the Customers page shows a list of all the customers in your account. These profiles are created by the following methods:. 1. Click on the ta

Create a customer

1. Navigate to Customers in the top left. 2. Click on Add Customer in the top right. 3. Enter the customer's name, add a note, their email, and/or their phone number - if you don't want to enter a phone number or email, you can delete the field using

Edit a customer

A customer's profile can be edited from either the customer settings page or from a ticket directly. 1. Click on Search in the top left sidebar. 2. Go to the Customers tab. 3. Search for the customer profile and click on it. 4. Click on Edit Customer

Delete a customer

1. Navigate to Customers in the left sidebar. 2. Mark the checkbox next to the customer or customers you'd like to delete. 3. Click on the Actions dropdown menu. 4. Click on Delete customers and Confirm.

Merge customers

Sometimes you or Gorgias will notice that you may be talking with the same customer, just using two different accounts, so you can either use Gorgias' automatic suggestion to merge the two customer profiles or you can do so manually on your own. If y

Unmerge customers

1. Locate the merged customer - they'll be under one name but have two or more email addresses and possibly other data. 2. Determine which data belongs to one customer, and which to the other. 3. Remove all data associated with one customer from the

Customer notes

Customer notes can be added to all of your customer profiles - they're internal and can't be seen by your customer. When you open a ticket, you'll see this note in the widget in the upper right corner. The note field can be edited just by clicking on

Ticket customer

Ticket customer is the person that reached out and opened a support ticket with you, it's the customer reaching out to your team in need of some assistance.How it worksIn Gorgias, whenever one of your customers opens up a ticket with you, our system

Set ticket customer

1. Ask the customer for their name, email address, phone number, or order number. 2. Search for the customer in the right sidebar using this information. 3. Click on the customer once you've found them. 4. Click on Set As Customer and Confirm.