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Allow AI Agent to perform ActionsUpdated 4 days ago

 Note: Actions are currently available to select users as part of our AI Agent beta program. Actions will release gradually and become available to more users in July 2024

Actions are tasks that AI Agent can perform on your behalf in connected ecommerce tools to resolve common and repetitive asks from your customers, like cancelling an order or updating a shipping address.

Typically these types of requests require a manual action in a separate tool or through a third-party integration. Instead, you can use Actions to tell AI Agent how and when to automate tasks that normally require a human agent’s involvement.

To get started, choose from the available Actions in Gorgias.


Choosing an Action

You can choose from a number of available Actions in Gorgias that allow AI Agent to make changes in third-party tools that you use everyday, like cancelling an order in Shopify. Actions require some no-code configuration to set up.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate

  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent

  3. In the Actions tab, select Browse All Actions

  4. Select an Action that you want AI Agent to handle

    In the Actions tab for AI Agent, selecting one of the available Actions that AI Agent can perform

  5. Set up the Action to work according to your preferences

  6. Select Create Action to finish

Setting up an Action

Within each Action you have the opportunity to tell AI Agent how and when the Action should be used, to make it more personalized and inline with your store’s process and policies.

Action name and instructions

Your Action name and instructions communicate what the Action does. You should be as descriptive as possible. AI Agent uses this information to identify whether the Action is relevant to a shopper’s questions.

  1. Enter a descriptive Name for the Action
  2. Use AI Agent Instructions to explain when the Action should be used, and in which scenarios. tell others what the Action is and what it does.

On the editing page for an Action, entering a name for the Action and instructions that describe to AI Agent what the Action does

Inputs variables

Inputs variables tell AI Agent what information it needs to collect from a shopper in order to complete the Action. For example, if a customer wants to cancel a subscription, you may choose to collect the reason why they’re cancelling as part of the interaction.

Some Actions available in Gorgias, like editing a shipping address, already have pre-set input variables, but you can always add more inputs.

  1. Select + Add Input to add new input type
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the type of input (string, boolean, number or date)
  3. Give the input a name (for example, “address”)
  4. Tell AI Agent what to ask (”what is your updated address?”)

On the editing page for an Action, using the "Add Input" button to tell AI Agent what type of information it should collect from shoppers as part of performing the Action

There are four types of inputs, described in the following table:

Data typeDefinitionExample
StringAnything text contains letters or a combination of letters and numbersAn address, a cancellation reasons
BooleanTrue/false or yes/no questionsAnswers questions like:

  • “is product opened?”
  • “agrees to receive marketing”
  • “agrees to address change”
NumberAny input that contains only numbers
Ask about item quantity
A date in any format
Asking for a new delivery date


Conditions tell AI Agent what requirements must be met before the Action can be taken.

For example, you may want to make sure an order’s fulfillment status is delivered before accepting a return. Or you may check how much an item was discounted before allowing a refund.

  1. Select one of the three options to indicate what, if any, conditions must be met for AI Agent to perform the Action:

    • No conditions
    • All conditions
    • At least 1 condition
  2. Select the Add Condition dropdown menu to insert a condition. Conditions can be based on:

    • information about the Order
    • information about the Customer
    • your Action’s input variables (like a customer’s address)

On the Action edit page, creating the conditions that AI Agent should make satisfy before the Action can be performed. In this case, making sure the fulfillment status is delivered and a customer email exists.

Enabling and disabling Actions

When you’re ready for AI Agent to start using an action, make sure the Available for AI Agent toggle is enabled in the Action set up page.

You can also enable or disable an Action from the list of Actions in your library.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. Select the Actions tab
  4. Use the On/Off toggle next to an Action in your list to enable or disable it for AI Agent

In the Actions tab for AI Agent, using the toggles to enable or disable existing Actions

Deleting an Action

If you no longer need an Action, you can permanently delete it anytime from your library. You cannot recover an Action once it has been deleted.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. In the Actions tab, select the trash can icon next to the action you want to delete
  4. Select Delete to confirm
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