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Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Newegg, Etsy & Walmart by ChannelReplyUpdated 3 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

 allows you to respond to eBay, Amazon, Back Market, Newegg, Etsy, and Walmart buyer messages from Gorgias. Each marketplace inquiry will create a ticket in Gorgias, and display order information in the widget.

Here is the list of types of requests that are available:


  • Receive and answer Amazon messages in threaded tickets
  • Mark messages as No response needed without logging in to Seller Central
  • Support Amazon on the same screen as Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and more
If multiple images are sent and all files have the same name, not all the images will be imported to the ticket.


  • Give each agent their own Gorgias login
  • Start conversations with any eBay buyer who purchases from you
  • Answer questions in a click using Macros rich with order details

Back Market

  • Create dozens of Back Market order placeholders for Macros
  • Use ChannelReply’s in-app actions to issue refunds and validate orders
  • View all your order info on the same screen as the message you’re typing


  • Reply to buyer messages and even escalations directly from Gorgias
  • Monitor team performance with your helpdesk reports
  • Get every piece of data an agent could ask for, including tracking ID and order status


  • Receive and answer messages from Newegg, NeweggBusiness, and Newegg Canada
  • Protect your Newegg Response Rate measurements with direct replies and even auto-replies
  • Get detailed insight into multi-package orders with specifics like which items are in which package


  • Pull Etsy order info into your Macros, no more typing in tracking IDs or delivery dates
  • Answer customers by email from inside Gorgias or use the Reply on Etsy link to jump straight to the conversation on Etsy
  • Integrate unlimited Etsy stores with your Gorgias account

ChannelReply allows you to create custom Tags that will automatically be added to tickets from your Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Newegg, Etsy, and Walmart stores - this can be useful in creating separate Views for your tickets. 


Connect the integration

If you aren't signed up with ChannelReply, please Sign up to ChannelReply or Start your free trial, then, choose Gorgias as your helpdesk, either during initial setup or from your ChannelReply dashboard:

If you have a ChannelReply account, please follow the steps below:

1. In your Gorgias account, copy the URL on any page.

2. Paste this into the Gorgias Domain field in your ChannelReply account - everything will be auto-removed except the part unique to your Gorgias instance. 

For example, after we pasted in https://channelreply.gorgias.com/app from our Gorgias account, everything except channelreply was removed.

3. Enter your Gorgias login email in the Gorgias Account Email field.
4. Once both fields are filled in, click AUTHENTICATE.
5. If the details you entered are correct, AUTHENTICATE will change to AUTHENTICATED as the testing is completed. Green checkmarks will also appear next to each field.
6. The page will then be refreshed, and you'll automatically be redirected to the success screen shown below.

ChannelReply Auto-Replies

Auto-reply Rules are a convenient way to automate these tickets - once an auto-reply is triggered there will be an internal note added inside a ticket for scheduling the response.

If the agent responds to the ticket before the scheduled time, the auto-response won't be sent.

Regarding auto-reply Rules in general, the ChannelReply team has changed the channel from API to email channel for all new messages. The via parameter is still being used with API. 

If you need to use channel: API to identify ChannelReply messages, the best option is to use their Tags system instead.

You can refer to their YouTube playlist for further information about how this integration works and setup instructions.


Amazon messages stop flowing as tickets to my Gorgias account

To resolve this please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to ChannelReply.

2. Click the Amazon tile on your dashboard.

3. Find the affected Amazon account/marketplace, hover over its email address, and click Copy email.

4. Visit Amazon Seller Central.

5. Check that the dropdown at the top of the page has the correct country selected - it must be the same as the country you have in ChannelReply.

6. Scroll down to Messaging.

7. Make sure Buyer Messages and Delivery Failures are both checked.

8. Confirm that both Buyer Messages and Delivery Failures are set to the email you just copied from ChannelReply (it'll always end in @channelreply.email). Neither field should contain any other email addresses that might be forwarded to your Gorgias account.

9. We can only import buyer messages from Amazon, so if you respond to a customer directly from Amazon, those messages (your replies) won’t be imported into your helpdesk. 

Amazon, eBay, and most other major marketplaces do not allow seller messages to be pulled through the API, only buyer messages. To make sure all their messages appear in both Gorgias and Seller Central, you should always reply to their messages from inside your helpdesk.

Payment dispute messages are not being pulled from eBay

ChannelReply can handle payment disputes, however, additional authorization is needed. This is because disputes use a unique token which is separate from regular messaging.

To simplify this extra authorization procedure, do the following:

1. Sign in to ChannelReply.

2. Select the eBay tile on your dashboard.

3. Click on Edit.

4. Scroll down and click on Add Advanced Token.

5. Follow the prompts to add the additional authorization on eBay.

6. When redirected to ChannelReply, return to your eBay account settings and confirm that Payment Disputes are enabled.


Can I reply directly to Etsy messages in Gorgias?

You can't reply to Etsy messages directly from Gorgias, messages can be delivered to Etsy customers by email directly from Gorgias only if their actual email address is available. 

In situations where no email address is available, such as pre-purchase inquiries, you can click the link in Gorgias to access Etsy messages and reply directly through Etsy. 

If you wish to email a customer, you can include their email address in their Gorgias profile by editing the customer option, as detailed in the article here.

Can I pull Amazon emails through ChannelReply?

Yes, ChannelReply is fully compatible with Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging. You can respond to any message an Amazon customer sends directly to you, the seller.

ChannelReply can't guarantee delivery of replies to Amazon Answers notifications (listing page questions) as the Amazon API doesn't support replying to this kind of question from outside Amazon - it is better to reply to them from Seller Central.

Is it possible to mark an Amazon ticket as No reply needed directly from Gorgias without sending a reply?

In the customer sidebar for your Amazon integration, there will be a link for marking the conversation as no response needed. When you click on that link, an internal note will show inside the ticket confirming that the conversation is marked as No response needed.

Why are my eBay tickets separated into new tickets every time the customer replies?

There might be some settings in your mailbox that you'll need to adjust - please check out the following tutorial:

When replying to Amazon tickets from Gorgias, signatures aren't sent properly or missing, why?

This is intended behavior - Amazon often collapses or removes signatures to prevent the thread from becoming too cluttered. The signature may still appear properly in the email Amazon sends to the customer, but it won't be visible in Seller Central.

Is there a limit for sending attachments?

ChannelReply users can indeed send and receive attachments The maximum attachment size is:

  • 8 MB for Amazon
  • 5 MB for eBay
  • Shopify and Back Market have no limits 
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