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Create, edit, or delete a View

Admins and Lead Agents can create, edit, or delete Views in the Shared section of the sidebar, while anyone can create, edit, or delete private Views for themselves. 1. Click on the plus icon on the left-hand sidebar and select Create view. 2. Add a

View sharing and reordering

Views can be shared with or hidden from other users on the account, as well as reordered to organize your workspace. Views have different visibility settings:. To change the visibility settings of a View, follow the steps below:. 1. Click on the View

View filters and operators

We're using the terms filter, operator, and value to filter tickets and define Views. Values are the endpoints of the conditions and can be a huge number of things - from time frames, integrations, users, and so on. In the condition Channel is Help C

Best practices and templates for Views

You can customize Views to match your preferences and use various filters to group and manage your tickets effectively. Their primary purpose is to guide your workflow, directing agents to handle tickets in a specific order - starting with one View b