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Article Recommendations in ChatUpdated 2 months ago

This feature is accessible to users with the Gorgias Automate and at least one Help Center integration enabled with published articles.

Shoppers can receive answers to their inquiries before getting to an agent by having relevant articles from your Help Center suggested during Chat interactions - when they type in the Chat, they'll get a suggestion for a helpful article from your Help Center.

If they like the article suggestion, no ticket is created and, if they need more help, they can ask to talk to an agent, in which case a ticket is created.

The article suggestions in the Chat are filtered by language, so only articles in that language are recommended to the customer.

You can also check out Article Recommendations in Email from our Autoresponders.


1. Got to Automate -> your Shopify store -> Article Recommendation.

2. Under Help Center, select the Help Center you want to be used in the Chat.

Make sure that the connected Help Center is in the same language as the Chat integration that you're installing recommendations on - you can check that in Settings -> Channels -> Help Center -> Preferences, and for Chat in Settings -> Channels -> Chat -> your Chat integration -> Language.

3. Click on Save Changes.


How does Article Recommendation work when I have a multi-language Help Center? 

Only articles in the same language as the Chat would be recommended to your customers. 

If you have multiple languages for the Help Center and would like article recommendations for all languages, you could choose to integrate a different Chat with each language locale of the Help Center.

Are unlisted or draft articles used for Article Recommendations?

No - we only recommend published articles so no sensitive information is displayed to customers. 

How do I optimize my Help Center articles for Article Recommendations?

The top 4 keys to optimizing your Help Center for Article Recommendations are:

  • Split long articles into short ones - only the most accurate information will be displayed instead of making the customers scroll through a bunch of information.
  • Use consistent language - keywords are a critical part of how articles are recommended, so it's important to use the same terms/names across your Help Center (also helps with SEO).
  • Keep it simple - use simplified language that focuses on accurately getting your point across, replacing overly technical or niche terms with accessible ones.
  • Use headings and subheadings - when an article includes more than 1 topic, use headers (H1, H2, etc.) to divide them (also automatically creates a table of contents).
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