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Auto-assign Rule for teamsUpdated a month ago

Auto assignment behavior controls if tickets are automatically assigned to a team based on certain conditions - like when a new ticket is created via Chat -> assign to the Support team. 

This can be especially useful if you have specific teams dedicated to handling a specific group of tickets, like separate teams for handling Email and Chat.

In our example, we'll be creating a team that handles Chat tickets, but the principle is the same regardless of what kind of team you'd like to make.


You don't want any auto-assignment

When you create a team and are prompted to create a Rule to go along with it, simply click Create Rule Later.

You want auto-assignment

You're creating a team right now

Pick the channel for the tickets that'll be assigned to that team and click Create Rule.

You've already created a team

1. Navigate to Settings -> Productivity -> Rules.

2. Click on Create Rule on the upper right.

3. Click on Create Custom Rule on the upper right.

4. Here we have a template for a basic Chat-assignment Rule.

5. Go to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Ticket assignment.

6. Check the Auto-assign tickets under Team auto-assignment settings.

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