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Teams 101

Once you've added your colleagues as users, you can then add them to relevant teams as well!How it worksMaybe you want your Gorgias Teams to reflect your real-life teams, or you want to check statistics for a specific group of colleagues (1), or you

Create a team

Steps. Auto assignment behaviour controls if tickets are automatically assigned to a team based on certain conditions eg. When a new ticket is created via Chat, assign to the support team. This can be especially useful if you have specific teams dedi

Delete a team

StepsGo to Settings > TeamsClick on the team you wish to deleteGo to SettingsClick Deleted teamClick Confirm

Add and remove user from a team

Steps. Steps

Auto-assign rule for teams

You can now directly create a rule assigning tickets to the team you’ve just created. Up until now, if you wanted to setup auto-assignment for your team you needed to manually access the rules and set up a rule. In order to make this process more str