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Auto-close Rule best practicesUpdated 4 months ago

You can use these Rules to close any tickets that aren't from your customers. This way, any tickets that don't need attention from your agents will be closed automatically and won't clutter your Views.

Mentions auto-close Rule

This Rule is super useful for stuff like, for example, giveaways - they generate a lot of noise and engagement and tend to clutter your Views with comments that don't require your attention.

Rule setup

This rule will look for the tickets generated by your Instagram page, but only the ones where customers simply tagged each other without having any sort of comment or query for you to handle. 

It'll look for the ones that contain @ and don't contain any spaces (that's the empty space in the message body does not contain any of node - set it up by hitting the spacebar and then Enter) and then the Rule will simply auto-close these types of tickets.

Facebook auto-close Rule

You can set up a similar Rule for Facebook tickets as well, but only using the no space condition described above and intents as Facebook mentions don't contain an @. 

This Rule will then affect any single-word comment and not just mentions and emojis, so you can add conditions about message intents to make it more precise, by excluding all intents apart from other/no reply.

Rule setup

Auto-close notifications

You can set up a Rule to automatically close payment notifications and modify it to apply to any notifications you're getting.

Rule setup

Auto-close tickets from a certain user

You can set this Rule up if you wish to automatically close tickets from a certain shopper (usually if you want to block them - it'll apply to Facebook comments and Messenger too).

Rule setup

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