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Automate your work with Rules

Rules allow you to perform actions on tickets when something happens in Gorgias. If you want to automate repetitive tasks, such as tagging tickets or responding to common questions, you're in the right place! How it worksTo get started, here's a help

Rules - Best practices

In this article, you will find use cases for rules, views, and actions in macros that you can replicate and customize for your business. We will be expanding this article over the coming weeks and months to include use cases that are common amongst s

Rules - Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials can help you set up some of the more common Gorgias rules. Setting up rules for some of your repetitive daily tasks will automate a big portion of your daily workflow!To find more common use cases for Gorgias rules, plea

Rules Glossary

This doc will come in handy when you're wondering what each specific node in your rules stands for. It will empower you to build complex Gorgias rules on your own!WHENThe first part of every rule is to create a 'WHEN', or in other words, an event tha

Rules Library

We're happy to let you know that we now offer a Rule Library! For your convenience, you can now select premade rules to set up in your account, along with matching views. 🥳How it worksRule installation is now simpler and faster as you can access Sett

Rules FAQs

There can be several reasons why your rule is not performing as expected. Some of the most common ones are listed here.In what order are rules executed?Rules execution order is determined by two things, the "trigger" and the position of the rule in t

Rule Templates

This page includes a few tips on working with rules and a library of rule templates for Gorgias. These are examples of commonly used rules that can be recreated in your account.If you are interested in seeing these in action please join our webinar o