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Rule best practices

Best practices for Rules

In this section, you'll find use cases for different kinds of Rules that you can replicate and customize for your business - we recommend using a clear naming convention (for example, a prefix telling you whether the Rule is an [Auto-Close] or [Auto-

Priority ticket Rule best practices

Whether you want to identify loyal repeat customers, customers who are reaching out to cancel an order, or customers who are frustrated/disappointed, you can do that with Rules. You can also set up corresponding Views to quickly and easily manage the

Auto-tag Rule best practices

You can use your Rules to add Tags to a ticket which will help you sort them into Views and organize your workflow based on your needs. This Rule is set to auto-assign to a specific agent. If you have an agent who works directly with fulfillment, thi

Auto-close Rule best practices

You can use these Rules to close any tickets that aren't from your customers. This way, any tickets that don't need attention from your agents will be closed automatically and won't clutter your Views. This Rule is super useful for stuff like, for ex

Auto-reply Rule best practices

You can set up Rules that will send out an automated response to let your customers know when you are available, answer their most commonly asked questions, provide them with their tracking number, etc. You can create an automated response to be sent