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Auto-tag Rule best practicesUpdated 25 days ago

You can use your Rules to add Tags to a ticket which will help you sort them into Views and organize your workflow based on your needs.

Cancel order

This Rule is set to auto-assign to a specific agent. If you have an agent who works directly with fulfillment, this is a great tool to use so that they can quickly address the issue and communicate within departments.

Rule setup

Urgent order edit

You can use this Rule to tag recently placed orders that your shopper reached out about changing.

Rule setup

Tag tickets based on integrations

This Rule can be beneficial if you have a multi-brand setup - you can define the integration the tickets come from and tag them with the appropriate brand Tag.

Rule setup

Identifying language in tickets

You can use Rules to identify, tag, and assign tickets based on the language used by the customer. 

Rule setup

Facebook and Instagram comments

We don't recommend setting up auto-reply Rules for social media comments because they can be registered as spammy and deactivate your social media account, but you can always auto-tag your social media posts and comments for easier sorting and handling.

For example, you may want to keep track of all of the positive things that your customers say about you online.

Rule setup

Exclude emails in Klaviyo

When a ticket is created in Gorgias, the contact details it came from will automatically create a profile in Klaviyo. You can tag auto-tag tickets that are created by your customers or potential shoppers and include that tag in all of your Klaviyo segments that contain Gorgias events. That way you'll exclude email addresses that send automated emails and your vendors' contact details.

Rule setup

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