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Automate OverviewUpdated 3 months ago

The Automate Overview report displays the value derived from Automate features, particularly in terms of time savings and performance analysis at a high level. 

Parallel to the Automate Overview report, you can get the granulated results in the Automate Performance by feature report.

This report shows the impact on the team's effectiveness and quantifies the value through costs saved. It evaluates the general performance of Gorgias Automate for the selected period, but also shows graphs that break it down in smaller increments.

The Automate Overview report doesn't show data for the last 72 hours because the interactions are considered automated only if 72 hours have passed without a customer reply, and we want to display an accurate count of distinct interactions and avoid summing up multiple interactions when the same shopper has been looking to answer the same question multiple times within a 72-hour rolling window.


The Automate Overview report consists of two sections:

  • Impact section - shows the overall automation rate, number of automated interactions, cost saved, time saved, and decrease in first response time
  • Performance section - presents graphs of the automation rate, automated interactions overall, and by feature over the selected time period
The maximum timeframe that you can select is one year.


  • You can only filter the report by date for now.
  • Data before July 2023. can't be retrieved in the report.
  • The report doesn't include Total interactions going through Automate, Flows drop-off, Report issue, Return, and Cancel order options.

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