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Billable tickets, Automated interactions, Convert CampaignsUpdated 10 days ago

Each Gorgias product added to the base Gorgias subscription is charged based on usage.

A billable ticket is a ticket that received a response from an agent or a Rule: if a customer sends a message via one of the integrated channels and an agent or Rule responds to them - that ticket is counted as a billable ticket. 

Additional messages on this ticket aren't considered as additional billable tickets - a ticket that receives a response by an agent or a Rule will only be counted as one billable ticket regardless of how many messages are sent or received on the thread.

If an agent forwards an email ticket out of Gorgias or creates a new ticket in the helpdesk and sends an email to a customer, this will be considered a billable ticket, even if the customer doesn't respond.

If a customer interacts with a Chat campaign and sends a message through it, this'll also be considered a billable ticket, even if the agent doesn't respond. The automated message from the Campaign makes this ticket billable right from the start.

Illustration of email communication showing which tickets are billable

Auto-replies will also be triggered on spam tickets, unless you adjust your auto-reply Rules by adding the ticket spam IS NOT true condition.

When an agent replies to a comment on Instagram or Facebook directly, their reply shows as coming from a Gorgias Bot in the ticket, but that ticket won't be billable.

If a customer responds to a Chat ticket after 3 days of inactivity, it'll create a new billable ticket.

Automated interactions

There's a 72-hour consolidation window as a standard part of our process while we apply various deduplication and cancellation rules before submitting the final interaction count for the automated interactions.

An automated interaction is a customer request resolved without agent involvement by using one of the Automate features (Flows, Order Management, Article Recommendations) or having their ticket responded by an AI Agent.

A ticket will be considered an automated Interaction only if the customer didn't end up speaking to an agent within the following 72 hours - if a shopper uses one of the Automate features, but ends up talking to Support via live Chat, that ticket won't be considered an automated interaction.

The same goes for the AI Agent tickets. If the AI Agent responded to a ticket and there are no follow-up questions or issues from the shopper within the next 72 hours, the ticket will be billed as an automated interaction. In other words, it will be counted as a part of your Automate plan. If the shopper does respond to AI Agent's message within 72 hours, but only to say thank you or something similar that doesn't require a resolution, it will still be considered an automated interaction.

If the AI Agent sends a message saying it will hand over the ticket or just closes the ticket because it detected it as a spam, it will not be billed as an automated interaction

Convert Campaigns

Convert plans are based on clicks. You are billed based on the number of times a customer interacts with the pop-up window that you create through your campaign settings (up to a maximum of 3 clicks per browser session).

Even though a customer may click on the same campaign multiple times, you are only billed for a maximum of 3 clicks per browser session. In most cases, there’s no real reason for a customer to click more than once.

If the number of billable clicks reaches the limit of your plan, we won't charge for you for any overages. The campaigns will simply not be shown anymore by the end of your monthly billing period. 

Voice tickets

The ticket becomes a Voice ticket when at least one phone call takes place between the customer and your team. Once a ticket becomes a Voice ticket, you can have multiple calls at no extra charge, except if the ticket is the result of a merge between 2 billable voice tickets, in this case the it would still be counted as 2 billable Voice tickets.

A ticket is considered a billable Voice ticket if it includes any of the following events:

  • Inbound call picked up by an agent
  • Inbound call, IVR Voicemail left
  • Outbound call picked up by a customer or where the agent reaches the customer voicemail
  • IVR call forwarded to an external number (IVR tickets that only include forwarding the call to an internal Gorgias number or just play a message are not billable)

IVR tickets are considered billable if the customer leaves a voicemail through the IVR (only occurs outside business hours) or forwards the call to an external number, while IVR tickets in which calls are forwarded to a Gorgias phone number will only be charged once.

Voice tickets where a shopper only left a voicemail and there was no follow up made on your end, are counted towards your Voice Add-on ticket amount.

Inbound calls received by the same customer after a 3-day window, will create a new billable Voice ticket and will be counted towards your Voice Add-on ticket amount.

SMS tickets

A ticket is considered a billable SMS ticket if it has an outbound message sent from an agent or a Rule through Gorgias.

Once a ticket becomes an SMS ticket, you can continue the correspondence at no extra charge, since we're not charging per message sent, but per ticket.


What isn't a billable ticket?

  • If the ticket only has an internal note, but no public reply to the customer.
  • If no one replied to the customer in the ticket using other channels (like Email)
  • If changes to the ticket were made without replying to the customer - the ticket assignee was added or changed, a Tag was added or removed from the ticket, etc.

Are Voice and SMS tickets counted towards my helpdesk billable ticket limit?

No - Voice and SMS tickets are not counted towards the helpdesk ticket limit as they're being allocated to their dedicated Voice and SMS add-on balances instead.

Can the same ticket be billed as an automated interaction and a billable ticket? 

This depends on the time that has passed between the automated interaction and billable responses:

  • If more than 72 hours has passed since the automated interaction, and the agent or a rule sent a response, the ticket will be billed as 1 automated interaction and 1 
  • If the agent/rule response was sent less than 72 hours since the automated interaction, it will be billed only as 1 billable helpdesk ticket

What will happen if I merge Voice/SMS tickets, will they all be billable?

Voice/SMS billable ticket merging shouldn't affect the total billable ticket count:

  • If a billable Voice/SMS ticket is merged with a non-billable Voice/SMS ticket and vice-versa, they should be counted as a single voice/SMS billable ticket.
  • If a billable Voice ticket is merged with a billable SMS ticket, they should count as a 1 billable Voice ticket and 1 billable SMS ticket.
If a ticket contains a billable helpdesk event (like an email being sent) and at least one of the Voice and one the SMS events mentioned above, it can be counted as 1 billable helpdesk ticket, 1 billable Voice ticket, and 1 billable SMS ticket.
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