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Automate return request emailsUpdated a month ago

This feature is only available to Automate subscribers.

The Return Email Autoresponder Rule template will automate emails with the return/request intent with a return provider integration so, you'll be able to respond to return-related requests via email if you have a return portal available. 

You can install this feature with one click and add your return portal’s URL, Gorgias will detect a ticket with a return/request intent, and the autoresponder will trigger automatically.

We only allow one instance/return portal per account.


You need to have a return portal provider in place to use this feature (Loop, Returnly, etc.).

1. Go to Settings -> Productivity -> Rules.

2. Click on Create Rule in the top right corner. 

3. Under Autoresponders, choose the Automate return request emails autoresponder.

4. Choose to create a matching View if you'd like and click on Install Rule.

5. Input your Return portal URL (if you're looking to choose a Return Portal App, you can check our app store for ideas), review the auto-responder message, or exclude some emails from the autoresponder.

6. After you've reviewed your Rule, click on Update Rule in the bottom left corner.

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