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Autoresponder Rules

Autoresponder Rules 101

Autoresponders are Rules that use AI technology to deflect and resolve tickets. They don't need code or setup and can be installed directly from the library. To access the Rule Templates tab, navigate to Settings → Productivity -> Rules, and click on

Auto-close Spam emails

This Rule will take care of all tickets created by non-support-related emails, closing and tagging them so that they're sorted into appropriate Views. You can further modify the Rule by adjusting the Email exclusion list and the Always apply list to

Article Recommendation in Email

You can help your shoppers find answers to their questions in your Gorgias Help Center. The Rule will scan your customer's question for keywords and then auto-reply with a relevant article from your Help Center that can contain the answer to their qu

Automate return request emails

The Return Email Autoresponder Rule template will automate emails with the return/request intent with a return provider integration so, you'll be able to respond to return-related requests via email if you have a return portal available. You can inst

Send tracking information email (WISMO)

One of the most common questions your customers will have is "Where is my order?" and you can tackle it with minimum effort by enabling this auto-reply Rule in your Rule Library. To set it up, go to Settings → Productivity -> Rules, click on Create R