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Configure Cancel Order optionUpdated 4 months ago

The Cancel Order option allows customers to submit a request to cancel an order (order information is pulled directly from Shopify).


1. Go to Automate -> your store -> Order Management.

2. Enable or disable the option using the toggle.

3. Click Cancel order

4. Set your eligibility conditions - these are conditions an order must meet for the return button to be displayed, based on the order status in Shopify.

5. Select the status of orders eligible for cancellation.

6. Customize the response message that'll be displayed to customers once a cancellation request has been submitted (we recommend using this opportunity to confirm the order meets other cancellation policy requirements).
7. Click
Save Changes.

The option can be enabled or disabled at any time and disabling it doesn't clear the response text.

You can preview the customer experience by clicking on the preview on the right-hand side. To view the preview in a different channel select the desired channel from the dropdown.

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