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Create an "Open Chat" link on your pageUpdated 2 months ago

This suggestion isn't an official feature of our Chat widget, so our support for it is limited - we recommend that it be implemented by someone with a technical background.

If you want to add a link on your page to open the Chat when clicked, use the code below:

1<a onclick="GorgiasChat.open();">Start a chat with our team</a>

Likewise, you can also have a link to close the Chat:

1<a onclick="GorgiasChat.close();">Close the chat</a>

Additional Shopify instructions

1. Select Pages → the page where you want to add the link (like the Contact Us page).

2. Add the code.

3. In the text box under Content, click on the <> icon (it says Show HTML on hover) - this will switch your view from text only to HTML view.

4. Paste the code.

5. (Optional) Go back to the original view by clicking on the <> icon again and edit the text.

6. Click Save.

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