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Create winning Convert campaignsUpdated 24 days ago

Convert is a tool for e-commerce brands trying to optimize their website's performance, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates, boost average order value, raise awareness, and ultimately drive more sales. Below are some best practices to consider when planning and executing onsite campaigns.

Understand your traffic

Conduct thorough research to understand your visitors:

  • How did your visitors get to your website? i.e., social media, paid ads, email, etc.
  • What pages and products are they mostly looking at?
  • Are they using a desktop or mobile to browse your website? 

Use tools like Google Analytics, Shopify dashboard, and social media insights to gather relevant data.

Set clear goals

Define specific, measurable objectives for each campaign, such as increasing conversion rates, boosting average order value, raising awareness, providing educational content, or reducing cart abandonment. 

Create urgency and scarcity

Leverage the unique discount code generator, offer limited-time offers, and highlight low-stock to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

Educate customers 

Utilize social proof like customer reviews and testimonials to build trust, and showcase educational content that teaches visitors about the products (such as installation, usage, subscriptions, ingredients, materials, and other important features).

Create compelling offers and messaging

Capture visitors' attention before they leave your website by displaying targeted exit-intent campaigns offering special discounts or incentives, and highlighting unique selling points and benefits to differentiate your products from competitors.

Use bold text and emojis in the message to make certain phrases stand out. For example, highlight phrases like FREE SHIPPING or 10% OFF to grab visitors' attention and incentivize them to engage with your campaign offers.

Have a clear call-to-action (CTA). Don't overwhelm visitors with multiple links - stick to one specific action you want them to take. Make sure your message is clear and concise. 

Expand your reach

Launching hyper-targeted campaigns can be tempting, but it's important to strike a balance. While targeted campaigns can be effective for niche audiences, they may take longer to drive the impactful results that you’re looking for. 

To ensure your campaigns have a substantial reach, consider the following strategies:

  • Try to keep the time spent on the page value under 15 seconds.
  • Display campaigns both inside and outside of business hours. By scheduling campaigns to run during business hours and off-peak times, you can effectively double their reach. This maximizes exposure and ensures your messages reach a broader audience.
  • Create dedicated campaigns for mobile visitors. With mobile traffic accounting for over 75% of total traffic, it's crucial to optimize campaigns for mobile users.
  • Push for campaigns to be displayed while the Chat is hidden. This ensures maximum visibility and allows users to engage with your campaigns regardless of their interaction with the Chat feature.

Foster more interactions

Interactions with your campaigns are key to tracking engagement and ultimately driving sales. To encourage meaningful interactions, ensure that your campaigns are designed to drive engagement with the visitors.

  • Create conversations. Encourage users to create tickets or engage in discussions related to your products or services with the Support agents. 
  • Offer clickable exclusive discounts or promotions to incentivize users to interact with your campaigns. 
  • Leverage hyperlinks. Push for a click on a link or product card. Direct users to specific landing pages or product pages by including clickable links or product cards in your campaigns. This provides a clear call to action and streamlines the path to conversion.
Schedule a Consult Call with our Convert expert if you need more assistance with interpreting, launching, or reviewing your Campaign performance.
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