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Automate your work using Customer IntentsUpdated 4 months ago

If you want to automate repetitive tasks, such as tagging tickets or responding to common questions, but do not want to spend a lot of time setting up rules, Gorgias offers a much more convenient way to simplify rules by using customer intent detection.

If you're not familiar with the basics of Rules in Gorgias, please check out the following article before you get started: Getting started with rules.

How it works

Each time a new customer message arrives, our system will try to figure out the customer's intent. Intents include:

  • shipping/status
  • refund/request
  • exchange/request
  • order/damaged
  • order/cancel
  • and many others

Intents can be used to automate your ticket processing workflow.

Supported customer intents




Asks for a discount or needs help applying one


Requests to exchange a received product or get a replacement


Requests a status update on an ongoing exchange


Customer provides feedback on a product, brand or customer service.

Can be combined with `positive` or `negative` sentiments for more fine-grain classification.


Requests to cancel an order before it ships


Requests to edit an order before it ships


Received order contains damaged item or customer needs troubleshooting


Received order contains wrong/missing item


A message that does not need a reply. The ticket can probably be closed*


General question on product, brand, policies ...


The customer expresses gratitude. The ticket can probably be closed**


Question about a specific product (usage, properties...)


Requests help choosing a product (size, color, model...)


Requests to proceed a refund


Requests a status update on an ongoing refund. Can overlap with return/status


Requests to return a received product


Requests a status update on a received product


Requests to change shipping information (address, name)


Notifies of an error with a package (lost, not in the mailbox...)


Asks information on shipping (countries, usual delays)


Asks a status update on an expected order


Asks about the availability of a product


Requests to cancel a subscription (auto-shipment, monthly order)


Requests to edit a subscription (frequency, content...)

*other/thanks intent: This intent is often found on messages where the customer is concluding a ticket with a kind word or a thank you message to the agent. Examples of messages that correspond to this intent are "Great - thanks so much! Appreciate the quick response and follow up!", "Thanks so much! Will do!", "Oh ok cool. I think we'll all end up ordering one! Have a great night!" , "". Finding an 'other/thanks' intent on a message often means the ticket can be closed.

**other/no_reply: This intent is often found on messages that do not need to be replied to. Messages that correspond to this intent are for example "Your Amazon order has just been delivered" or "Call ended. Duration: 57s" or "A customer just ordered a ...". Finding an 'other/no_reply' intent on a message often means the ticket can be closed. Social media tags also fall into this category.

Supported languages

Intent detection works in a number of most commonly spoken languages which is a huge advantage! The feature supports 16 most commonly spoken languages, so even if the customer is writing over to you in another language, we can detect the keywords and trigger the rule.

The currently supported languages are:

  1. Arabic (ar)
  2. Chinese (PRC) (zh)
  3. Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)
  4. Dutch (nl)
  5. English (en)
  6. German (de)
  7. French (fr)
  8. Italian (it)
  9. Portuguese (pt)
  10. Spanish (es)
  11. Japanese (ja)
  12. Korean (ko)
  13. Russian (ru)
  14. Polish (pl)
  15. Thai (th)
  16. Turkish (tr)

Intents editing

You can edit intents on ticket messages, to enable you to achieve accurate numbers in the intents statistics. This means you can change the intents of a message on your helpdesk for clarity and statistics purposes.

Initially, the main purpose of this feature was to collect data to improve our intent detection AI system, we have now collected sufficient data thanks to everyone who contributed. 

For more on Gorgias Intents, please check out our FAQs article. And if you have any additional questions, our Support Team is here for you as always! Feel free to shoot us a message via chat or our email at [email protected].

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