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Customize embedded Help CentersUpdated 3 months ago

Embedding the Help Center will automatically give you a fixed width and background color which you can customize through these codes.

Change the width

Copy the following code in your Shopify theme.liquid file. 

2  div[data-gorgias-help-center-uid] {
3    width: 1200px;
4  }
Instead of 1200, enter the value that suits your design.

Change the background color

Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Help Center -> Customization and copy the following code in your Extra HTML section. 

2  .ghc-main-wrapper {
3    background-color: transparent !important;
4  }

Remove the page titles

Removing the header of the page can be easily done in your Shopify store by going to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code, finding Asset, and going to the /base.css file. There paste the code below. 

1.main-page-title {
2    display: none !important;
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