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Enable/disable channelsUpdated 6 months ago

Enable any channels you'd like to use in Gorgias (Email, Chat, social) - instructions for each channel are below - and please check out our FAQ if you want to do this in phases.

Enable channels in Gorgias


Please don't import the last 2 years of email history before doing the Zendesk import and don't enable Email until you're ready to switch over from Zendesk to Gorgias, unless you can disable that email from Zendesk.

Go to Settings → Channels → Email → Add Email Address and check out the integration instructions for how to integrate your email with Gorgias, depending on the nature of your mailbox.

Please also check Google Workspace for Routing and Compliance settings to ensure Gmail emails are not going into Zendesk after integrating a direct Gmail integration.


Go to Settings → Channels  Chat → Add Chat and check out our article on how to set up your Chat widget.


Go to Settings → App Store → All apps → Facebook, Messenger & Instagram → Login with Facebook and take a look at our article on the integration.

Disable Channels in Zendesk


Open Settings → Channels  Email  "[email protected] change this address to the Gorgias default email, then delete all other email connections.

Then, go to your native email settings (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and disable any forwarding to Zendesk that's toggled on in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Also, check that you don't have any filters forwarding in the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

Social Media

Go to Settings → Channels then deactivate any connected social media platforms.

If you have open social tickets in Zendesk, please follow the steps below as you can't respond to these tickets in Gorgias if you import them.

This workaround ensures no tickets are lost:

1. Create a Zendesk trigger: Auto-close social tickets with a new message from the customer.

2. Respond to and close all social tickets in Zendesk.

3. Deactivate Facebook in Zendesk.

Contact Form / Chat / Help Center

Please navigate to Settings  Admin  Channels  Widget  Customization and flip the switch to toggle them off.

If flipping the switch doesn't disable the widgets on your website, you can also remove the Zendesk code. Search for the Zendesk code in the theme.liquid section of your website's code - you can also check out Zendesk instructions for more details.

Satisfaction Survey

If you have an automation set up to send a Satisfaction survey, please disable it too.

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