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Migrate from Zendesk

Zendesk migration 101

You can go through the entire migration process by following these steps:. 1. Complete the Zendesk import2. Enable channels3. Pause the Zendesk sync4. Disable channels. The import rate can vary per account, depending on the number of comments/message

Import data from Zendesk

To start the import, please go to Settings -> Account -> Import Data → Add Account and use this doc from Zendesk to find or generate your Zendesk API. The previous 2 weeks of Zendesk ticket history are imported first to ensure the most important info

Enable/disable channels

Enable any channels you'd like to use in Gorgias (Email, Chat, social) - instructions for each channel are below - and please check out our FAQ if you want to do this in phases. Go to Settings → Channels → Email → Add Email Address and check out the