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Forward calls from Gorgias to agentsUpdated 2 months ago

Call forwarding will only work for tickets assigned to agents and Voice ringing settings need to be set to round-robin. If they're set to broadcasting, forwarding won't work.

Using call forwarding, you can take Gorgias calls on any physical device - including mobile phones or landlines.

Call forwarding works on an agent-by-agent basis which means that every agent can add a specific number to forward calls to. When they're rung in the helpdesk, rather than calling them in the browser, the agent will receive the call on the number they added.

If the call is assigned to a team and an agent declines or misses the call on their mobile device, the call will continue to be forwarded to the next agent.

Call forwarding doesn't replace agent availability - agents must be set to Available in Gorgias and have Gorgias open in at least one browser for calls to be forwarded to them.

When the call is forwarded, the person who accepts the call on a forwarded number presses 1 on a dial pad to accept the call. The message with instructions should be played to the called party as soon as the call is accepted.


1. Click on your name in the bottom left, then choose Your profile.

2. Toggle the Enable call forwarding setting on under the Forward calls to an external number section.

3. Enter the phone number you wish to forward calls to.

If you want to forward an agent's incoming calls to an external phone number, there can't be a greeting message set up on the external line or calls will be dropped because of a requirement for the called party to press a digit.
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