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Gmail AliasUpdated a month ago

If you're using a Gmail Alias email address, this guide will help you create a forwarding integration.

In case you have one inbox, but you can send and receive emails from multiple addresses, one or more of these are most likely to be an Alias. Same as every email address, each Alias would need a separate Email integration.

If you're integrating an Alias address [email protected] which is also flowing into your main inbox [email protected], you will receive emails sent to the alias only and you will only be able to respond from the alias address. The main inbox [email protected] in this case is a standalone email address and should be integrated into Gorgias using a direct email integration.

If you integrate [email protected], you'll also receive all emails sent to the [email protected] in Gorgias as well, however, you'll only be able to respond from [email protected].

In case you want to integrate both [email protected] and [email protected] and be able to respond from both of those email addresses in Gorgias, it's best to integrate the main email first.

If you want to set up Rules and Views only for your alias [email protected] and not to use that email address to reply to emails, you can always set up forwarding from Gorgias' end only, and leave it unverified - that way, you won't receive duplicated tickets, only the ones sent to [email protected], but you'll be able to filter out emails sent to the alias address.

To integrate your Gmail Alias email address to Gorgias, you'll need to be logged into Gorgias as an Admin and be logged into the main Gmail account the alias is linked to.


1. Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Email.

2. Click on Add Email Address in the top right corner. 

3. Click on Connect Other Email Provider.

4. Enter the information needed and click on Connect this email account:

5. We'll create a Forwarding Loop now, so please copy the Gorgias default address that is displayed on your screen (it'll look like a long email with a bunch of numbers and letters).

6. Navigate to your Gmail Inbox -> Settings -> See All Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

7. Click on Add a forwarding address.

8. In the designated field, paste your Gorgias Default Address from before, click on Proceed, and the address will appear under Forwarding.

9. We're going to verify that forwarding loop by navigating to Gorgias where you'll find a verification email - simply click on the link to verify:

10. We'll create a filter for our new Alias in Gmail so that all emails sent to the Alias address will be imported into Gorgias, so please click on the little Settings bubble within the Search Bar in Gmail.

11. In the To field, enter the address of your Alias, and click on Create Filter.

12. Tick the forward box, and choose the Default Gorgias Address from the drop-down.

13. As a final step, we need to verify the integration in Gorgias, so please navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Email -> the new alias integration, and click on Re-Send Verification Email.

If everything's been set up correctly, the integration will automatically verify itself after a minute or two and a new View for your group Email integration will be automatically created in your View sidebar on the left.

Domain Verification

All forwarding integrations require domain verification, to ensure maximum deliverability of emails - check out our dedicated article and go through the steps there.

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