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Add new usersUpdated 3 months ago

We recommend each individual using your account be set up as a user instead of sharing logins as this can affect reporting and auditing.

Every plan has up to 500 user seats available except for the Starter plan - they have 3 user seats.

Admins can choose to allow new users to join via one of these methods:

  • Auto-join - any new users with specific email domains can join (Admins don't have to invite users manually)
  • Invitation - sending invitations to specific email addresses so a particular individual can join (Admins have to invite users manually)

They can also enable/disable single sign-on and 2FA (2-factor authentication).


If an agent already has a customer account set up with their email address, they won't be able to use that email address to sign up - an Admin will need to either delete the customer account or invite the agent manually.

Add new users via auto-join

1. Navigate to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Access management.

2. Toggle Auto-join for approved email domains ON.

3. Enter the email domains you want to allow in the box below - one domain per line.

4. Click Save changes.

5. Share the blue link above the toggle with users you wish to add to the account so they can join by visiting it and setting up a profile.

Before your agents can access their newly created account, they will first have to verify their email address via the link they will receive in their mailbox.

Add new users via invitation

1. Go to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users.

2. Click Create User.

3. Choose the Name, Email, and Role of the user.
4. Click Create User and t
he user will receive an email inviting them to join the account and set up a profile.

Resend an invitation

1. Go to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users.

2. Find the user and click on them to open their profile.

3. Click Resend Invite.

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