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Google Email FAQsUpdated a month ago

What is the difference between Google, Google Workspace, G Suite and Gmail?

  • Google is the overarching company that owns and distributes all Google products/services.
  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a suite of products sold as a package. This includes Gmail, Google calendar, etc.
  • Gmail is the email service provided by Google - all email provided by Google will use the Gmail server.

What is Send emails from Gorgias with Gmail?

This setting refers to the server used for outbound emails:

  • When enabled, emails sent from Gorgias will be sent via Gmail and appear in the Gmail sent items folder. 
  • When disabled, emails sent from Gorgias will be sent via our own provider and won't appear in the Gmail sent items folder.

Disabling this setting can be useful if Gmail identifies your inboxes as spam and causes issues with sending. 

If you have connectivity issues, and your Gmail integration is disconnected frequently, you can uncheck this option and keep replying to your incoming emails from Gorgias. Even when disabled, the sender address will still be your integrated email.

Here's how to switch between these:

1. Go to Settings → Channels → Email.

2. Choose the integration in question from the list.

3. Pick one of these two options. 

For this feature to work properly, if you chose to send emails using our email provider, please set up your email account's SPF settings.

When does Gorgias use Mailgun/Sendgrid to send emails instead of the Gmail integration?

We use one of our two mail servers (Mailgun or Sendgrid) to send emails if you choose the Send emails using email provider option under your email integration's settings. 

Another scenario is there is an issue with sending emails via your direct integration - in these cases your customers will see the email as sent from xyzbrand via gorgias.io

If you send an email and you have a direct integration and, for some reason, this action fails (server issues, latency, etc.) our servers will attempt to send the email on your behalf as a safety precaution in order for that email to reach your customer.

What is the Tag tickets with Gmail categories setting?

This setting relates to the automatic tagging that happens in your Gmail inbox for Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums:

  • When enabled, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forum Tags will be added automatically in Gorgias if they're tagged in Gmail. 
  • When disabled, these tags won't be added in Gorgias, even if they stay tagged like that in Gmail

These Tags are synced directly from Google and are not related to Rules in Gorgias.

You can easily disable this option by accessing Settings → Channels → Email → your Gmail account and toggle this feature off.

Does Gmail pull in attachments? Which formats are supported?

Yes - PDF, JPEG and MP4.

When I copy my text from Gmail to Gorgias, the formatting is all messed up. What should I do in this case?

Gorgias doesn't copy formatting from external sources so, when copying text from a different app or source, make sure to paste it as plain text/without formatting.

The keyboard shortcut for this is: 

  • Ctrl + Shift + V for Windows
  • Cmnd + Shift + V for Mac

Once you pasted the text without formatting, format it in Gorgias again normally.

Why are some of my tickets missing from Gorgias?

If you've connected your Gmail account to Gorgias using forwarding, emails that your provider marked as Spam won't be imported into Gorgias.

My Gmail emails from different customers are all appearing in one thread

We group messages like Gmail does by default which can cause issues with Contact Forms, so it's best to disable this option if you're experiencing issues with Contact Form responses from different customers being merged into the same ticket. 

You can do this by navigating to Settings -> Channels -> Emails -> the email integration experiencing issues and toggling this option off.

For tickets that got accidentally merged by this feature, we recommend manually creating a new ticket and then reaching out to each customer separately.

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