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Help center - Contact Form

We now offer you the possibility to set up a contact form on your help center for your customers who couldn't find an answer via the FAQs. 

In this guide, you will learn: 

  1. How to set up the contact form in Gorgias,
  2. then, how to add this contact form to your store. 

All contact form submissions can be managed directly in the Gorgias help desk as email tickets ✨

Setup instructions

1. To enable your brand new help center contact form, please go to your:

Settings → Help Center → Your Help Center → Contact → Contact form card

You can choose which email integration will be connected to this contact form and you can also change the card description.

2. After enabling the contact form card, you will notice a few changes to your help center. The footer in your contact section will have a 'Contact Us' card. Now, when your help center visitors click on the 'Email' card, instead of a "mail-to" link which opens an email client, shoppers will be taken to a new page where they can leave their inquiries along with their personal details.

3. Note that the contact form can also be accessed by clicking on the 'Contact' button in the footer just like in the example below:
4. Once clicked, the next page that your customer will see should look something like this:

5. In order for the contact form to generate a ticket in your Gorgias account, your customers will need to leave the following details in the contact form on the help center:

  • Full name
  • Subject
  • Email
  • Description
  • Attached files, we support the following popular file types: .gif,.jpeg,.jpg,.png,.svg,.webp,.bmp,.tif,.tiff,.heic,.3gpp,.mp4,.mov,.avi,.wmv,.webm,.pdf,.csv,.txt,.rtf,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.ods,.tsv,.odt,.odm,.odp,.rar,.zip

When the contact form is submitted, it will open a new ticket in Gorgias and that you can tackle like any other ticket. Tickets created via the help center contact form will be set to the 'help-center' channel.

* Important: With Outlook, all contact form submissions will be automatically marked as SPAM unless customers mark them as SAFE in their Outlook client.

* This feature is available to all of our clients on all subscription plans!

Add the contact form to your store

After successfully setting up your contact form, now you need to link it back to your website to make it visible for your customers. You can add the standalone contact form to your store in 2 ways, and you need to log into your website builder (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento) to complete this step:

1. Use the URL of the page

Once the contact form is set up you can access it by adding "/contact" to your Help Center URL. Find your Help Center URL by going to Settings → Help Center → Your Help Center → Preview (top right button). Use the URL of the page to embed a link to the contact form directly on your website. For example 
https://<your help center subdomain>.gorgias.help/contact

Then insert that link to your website builder, such as in your website's footer section.

2. Embed the contact form via HTML code snippet

Here's how:
1. Go to you SettingsHelp Center

2. From there, hop onto the Contact tab, and under Email you will see a section called Embed contact form that lets you get an HTML code snippet. Click the '< > Get Code' button.

3. Copy the code

4. You need to have access to customize your website theme for this step. This step below is only one way to embed the form, and we will use Shopify as our example. We will show how to replace the Shopify built-in contact form with your new Gorgias contact form. 

4.1. For example, to replace the Shopify native contact form in your "Contact Us" page, log into your Shopify account, navigate to Online store --> Pages --> and find the page you'd like to customize. In this case, we want to customize the "Contact Us" page in the footer. 

4.2. After finding the page you'd like to customize, click on Show Editor button, and paste your Gorgias contact form code snippet here. Don't forget to set Theme Template to "Default". Finally, save all the changes you made. 

4.3. This is what before vs. after looks like ✨ Now you could allow your shoppers to input customized subject lines, and support file attachments for your contact forms. Now this is only one way to embed the form on your website, the contact form could be embedded anywhere you'd like on your website through the code snippet. 

We spotted these early adopters with a beautiful contact form, take a look here:

And do keep in mind, that moving forward, we will be adding many more improvements to the contact form, including some automation features! Using the form will allow you to provide answers to customers right away and limit the number of incoming tickets down the road for sure.

Note: If you would like to simply keep the embed version of the contact form on your site but disable the card in the help center. That's doable as well. If you toggle-off the contact form card, the embed contact form will still be available.

Current limitations

Please keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Full name
    • Free text field for the first name
    • Limited to 100 characters
  • Subject (drop-down)
    • For the non-automation add-on subscribers → Display 5 values in the dropdown
      • Track
      • Return
      • Cancel
      • Report issue
      • Other open free text field
    • For the automation add-on subscribers → Display the list of the quick responses
      • Track
      • Return
      • Cancel
      • Report Issue → Details of Report Issue
      • Other
  • Email
    • It has to be a valid email
    • Limited to 100 characters
  • Description
    • Limited to 5000 characters
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