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Contact Form

Standalone Contact Form

The standalone Contact Form allows for flexibility - you can embed it onto your website or share the link directly with your customers. It also offers several advanced features, such as built-in spam protection, the ability to attach multiple files,

Embed the Contact Form on your Website

You can embed a Contact Form that funnels submissions into Gorgias directly on your website - you'll have incoming queries turned into tickets. The Form will always be visible on your Contact Form settings page so you can change its position, view, o

Replace email links with Contact Form

Replacing email links with a Contact Form will help you reduce spam from bot crawls and enhance the automation and management of your customer inquiries - it detects mail-to links (links to an email address, for example, mailto: [email protected]) ac

Contact Form Views and Rules

You can create a View to see your Contact Form tickets and Rules to auto-tag, auto-assign, or auto-reply to these tickets. To see all open tickets created from your Contact Form, create a View using the Status is Open and Channel is Contact Form filt

Order Management and Flows in Contact Form

If you're a Gorgias Automate subscriber, you'll have the option to enable the Order Management and Flows on your standalone Contact Form. That way you can deflect some of tickets and enable your customers to self-serve. If the shoppers couldn't find