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Klaviyo SMSUpdated 24 days ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Klaviyo is a marketing platform that uses SMS and email for marketing campaigns based on customer interactions your business generates. 

The integration with Gorgias allows you to:

  • send targeted outbound SMS messaging campaigns based on Gorgias events
  • segment customers
  • have an overview of customer Klaviyo attributes in the ticket sidebar widget
  • reply to reviews and easily navigate to the Reviews dashboard in Klaviyo
  • include Gorgias events in your Klaviyo analytics dashboards

Read more about Klaviyo setup and Klaviyo Reviews.

When shoppers send SMS messages to your Klaviyo phone number, it creates a ticket in Gorgias. Each subsequent message is then added to the Gorgias ticket thread, and any reply from an agent will send an SMS back to the customer.

Without leaving the ticket, you have the full overview of all Klaviyo attributes, which allows you to implement various strategies when replying to a ticket, such as offering free shipping if they subscribe to your newsletter, or discount codes if they didn't have any recent orders. 

It's recommended to create a macro that has under 153 characters for SMS responses. That way you'll ensure that each sent message is counted as one message only in your Klaviyo SMS plan. Learn more about Klaviyo SMS best practices.

In Gorgias, each responded ticket will be considered as one billable ticket, no matter how many responses it has, or what is the length of the response.

If you need to access the activity log, unsubscribe customers, or manage their subscriptions, clicking on the Klaviyo profile widget link will take you directly to the customer's profile page in Klaviyo.

You can also tag Klaviyo SMS tickets and follow up with them if they haven't purchased anything in the meantime. The integration syncs ticket information from Gorgias to Klaviyo, which you can then use in dynamic segments. Gorgias ticket events that will sync in Klaviyo are Opened ticket, Resolved ticket, and Satisfaction survey responded.

Check out Klaviyo's documentation to find out more about how to create segments and how Klaviyo SMS works in general.

Creating a view for Klaviyo SMS tickets

1. In Gorgias, navigate to Settings -> Productivity -> Rules

2. In the upper right corner click on Create Rule and then Create Custom Rule

3. Create a rule that would look like this and enable it
4. In the sidebar on the left, click on the + sign next to Shared views

5. Set the filters to look like this and click on Create View
All newly created Klaviyo SMS tickets will be shown in this View until they are closed.


I seem to be missing some of my Klaviyo tickets in Gorgias, why is that?

Tickets are created only for SMS conversations with customers who have a profile consented. The best practice is to toggle only non-consented profiles for auto-responders on your Klaviyo dashboard because that way you can use two-way messaging. It is also recommended that you phrase the auto-response in a manner that will let your customers know that the communication can be continued via SMS only if they subscribe.

How does this integration work for Australia?

Australian merchants can utilize 2-way SMS through the Gorgias-Klaviyo integration. This means that customer responses to Klaviyo SMS campaigns will appear as tickets in Gorgias from where you can respond again.

Can Klaviyo SMS messages be forwarded via email?

This is not yet supported, if you forward Klaviyo SMS messages to an external email address, the SMS will also be sent to the end customer.


  • If you're using an auto-reply Rule, those messages won't reach Klaviyo customers. Messages sent using Gorgias Rules aren't sent to Klaviyo or the end customer.

  • There's no historical sync for the Klaviyo integration - SMS conversations won’t appear in Gorgias if a subscriber texted you before you set up this integration, but all further messages will sync. If a subscriber texts you once before you enable the integration and once after, the message that comes in after you set up the integration will show in Gorgias, but the one sent before won't.

  • The SMS component of the integration only works when recipients are in the US, Canada, or Australia as alphanumeric sender IDs cannot receive text messages.

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