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Macro Actions 101Updated 3 months ago

You can enrich your Gorgias Macros with Actions that will trigger events inside other integrated platforms.

By default, there are several native Macro Actions that you can add to your Macros - you'll find them under the type field when you try to create a new Macro.

These are: 

  • Forward email
  • Add attachments
  • Set status
  • Assign an agent
  • Assign a team
  • Set subject
  • Snooze for
  • Send internal note
  • Exclude ticket from CSAT
  • Exclude ticket from Auto-Merge
  • Set ticket field
  • HTTP hook

When selecting a Macro, no Actions will be performed immediately - you'll see a list of all of them in the section underneath the reply area: This means that you can preview all Actions about to be executed by sending the Macro before they're triggered.

It also enables you to:

  • Remove some of the Actions if you don't want all of them executed on that particular ticket.
  • Edit the Actions, like changing the Tag that will be added or the agent that will be assigned.

When you send the Macro, you can see exactly what Actions were taken - they're left as an event note on the ticket itself.

You can even apply Macros without sending any messages and just applying some Actions - the Actions will still trigger, but no message will be sent to your customer. 

Macros that have any kind of webhook Action included can't be used in Rules - they won't show on the list under the Apply macro action when creating a Rule.


Can we set up Macro Actions for Magento?

Since everybody's Magento setup is different, it's hard to make one-size-fits-all Actions for Magento. 

What happens if I hit Send & Close but my Macro is set to open the ticket?

For now, the Macro’s Set Status Action takes precedence.

What happens if a Macro Action fails?

We'll let you know by automatically reopening the ticket.

What if I select several different Macros and send them all at once?

All of the Actions from all of the selected Macros will be applied and ordered on top of each other.

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