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Macros 101

Macros are pre-made responses you can use to respond to your customers faster. They are especially useful if a large number of your customers tend to ask similar things or comment on similar topics.How it worksMacros can perform a number of actions o

Create a Macro

Macros can be created from within a ticket or from Settings -> Productivity -> Macros. 1. Go to any ticket. 2. In the reply area, click on the field next to the lightning bolt where it says Search macros by name, tags or body... 3. Click on the cog t

Macro templates

These are examples of commonly used Macros formatted for both Email and Chat - join the Gorgias Macros Masterclass hosted by our Education team to see them in use. Register. These are the most commonly used Macros including use cases, functions, and

Manage Macros

You can manage your Macros outside of your tickets by going to Settings -> Productivity -> Macros. This will give you the ability to monitor usage in a single place while giving you the same customization abilities - you can create, duplicate, and de

Organize and search for Macros

You can assign a language to a Macro which will enable you to filter and list Macros by language. When replying to a ticket, the Macro list will be automatically filtered with Macros matching the ticket’s language:. When editing a Macro, the language

Import and export Macros

Under Settings -> Productivity -> Macros, you can import and export your Macros by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner. If no id is provided, a new Macro will be created for each line in the CSV. If an id is provided, the process

Macro preferences

Navigate to your profile settings by clicking on your name in the bottom left and choosing Your profile or by going to Settings -> You -> Your profile, and you'll find the following options under Macro display:. AI Macro prediction, when toggled on,

Create gift card in Shopify

You can use Macros to create custom gift card codes and set their value directly from Gorgias. 1. In Shopify, navigate to Settings -> Apps and sales channels -> Develop apps. 2. Click on Create an app (or first allow the development of apps on your s