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Macro Variables

Below is a list of variables that can be inserted into macros to populate them with customer data from third-party apps.To use variables from another app, please ensure that you’ve added it as an integration first.How it worksOnce you set up a variab

Automate your work using Macros

Macros are pre-made responses you can use to respond to your customers faster. They are especially useful if a large number of your customers tend to ask similar things or comment on similar topics.How it worksMacros can perform a number of actions o

Macro Actions

You can enrich your Gorgias macros with actions that will trigger events inside other platforms that you have integrated. All that's left to do then is to simply apply the relevant macro on a ticket.How it worksBy default, there are a number of nativ

Macro Library

This page includes a few tips on working with macros and a library of macro templates for Gorgias. These are examples of commonly used macros formatted for both email and chat.If you are interested in seeing these in action please join our live Macro

Update on Macro Actions

With the goal to provide you with more control over your macro actions, please review this announcement as we've introduced some changes!. Or rather, how it used to work:Upon selecting a macro from the macro list, some actions were applied immediatel