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Macro Actions

Macro Actions 101

You can enrich your Gorgias macros with actions that will trigger events inside other platforms that you have integrated. All that's left to do then is to simply apply the relevant macro on a ticket.How it worksBy default, there are a number of nativ

Shopify and Recharge Actions

When you integrate Shopify or Recharge into Gorgias, you'll automatically have access to all integration-related Actions we have for that platform - you'll see them under the reply box when you go to create a new Macro. You have access to these Shopi

HTTP, LoyaltyLion, and Klaviyo Actions

HTTP Actions can also be performed by adding webhooks directly inside a Macro. To award a given number of points to a customer, create an HTTP hook with the info below:. If you want to add a customer to a specific Klaviyo list, you can add an HTTP Ac